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March 15, 2011



I know this is late, but, one of my babies calls me Oma, and the other one, his sister, calls me nomon


Congratulations, Robin! We're expecting another grandbaby in August and share your gleeful anticipation. Our children called one grandmother Geegee (because her name also began with Ge..) and their Finnish grandmother Aiti. When my first son became a father, I became Nana because his wife's older sister's children (did you follow that?) already called her parents Grandma and Grandpa. Whatever you decide, you'll wear the title beautifully!


How exciting! Congrats to the entire family!! I like Mimi, myself. But, hopefully, I'll have a couple of years to decide for me!! I'm so excited for you, Robin. {{{hugs}}}

Regina Anne

Congrats on becoming a grandparent - one of the very best jobs ever !!
When my only grandson, Joseph, was born; I was already Grandma to three darling little girls. So, I thought I would be Grandma to Joe too -- but, he had other plans in mind. It all started with a small photo album filled with pictures of family members that Joe-Joe and Mommy would go through each night as he said his 'God Bless' prayers. When Mommy would point to my picture, Joe-Joe would insist that was 'MoMo' -- and, I've been his MoMo every since. It's not a name I would have picked or come up with on my own - but, I love to hear him call me his MoMo!

Eye care

Love the pictures you put here :D .I suggest Bica or Granny, I like how it sounds:D


Congrats; that is wonderful!
I've already thought about this, and neither of my boys are even married yet! I just think "Grandma" sounds so OLD.
I have considered "Mimi".... but isn't that a character on the Drew Carey show? LOL

Liz Mathews

My mom has been tossing around the names GiGi, and Mimi. I also know a Pipa, which i think is very cute!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! Its the best adventure ever!!

I go by Grammy, but Sugarwings sometimes calls me Grams or even Grandmother, which is pretty cute when she says it. When she does, I call her Grand Daughter and she thinks that is cool.


Mimi is super cute! Congrats!!!!!


Congratulations, Robin! This is very exciting! No ideas on what your title should be - I'm sure you'll answer to anything that little voice calls out.

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