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November 22, 2010



Oh, you're just too good. Why, if I had a baby, I'd jump on that baby thingy.

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

I am SO very proud for you! Really and truly. I don't know know in the face to face skin type, I'm just so happy your dream is coming true because I feel like I know you! Loving that sweet litte baby rocker. You go girl!

katie kirby

The music covered door is great!!!


Robin, this all looks so exciting! You are really going for it. I cannot wait to see it all in your new space. I'm so happy for you!


Beth Leintz

Wow, incredible how much you get done- I have one dresser that I need to paint and when I start to fuss about it, I'm going to think "Robin wouldn't even bat an eye, she'd just get out the paint brush".

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