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August 12, 2010


Suz Reaney

What an incredibly thoughtful daughter you are. i have been reading and wondering about your mom. Part of her is there but you know how to bring it out!



Welcome home! What a delightful vacay! I miss the bay (not the bridge, mind you). That's how I fell in love with Mobile Bay. It reminded me of a little bit o' home. Sniffle. Love how the sil served breakfast, nice! Doesn't get much better. Yep, back to the old grind here too. School started for the kid (LAST week!) and the teenager is visiting for the weekend and goes back to university on Wednesday. To tell you the truth, I'm ready for some routine back in my life! (First on list to do--re-read your post on your chandelier. I have a black one I want to paint like yours!) xoxo

Alison Gibbs

Oh no, reality sometimes feels like a smack in the back of the head with an axe!!
Looks like a fun vacation


Hi Robin,
It would be a shame to pluck those hats. they are lovely.
Take care


Ah yes, the reality after the vacation can be hard to get back into. I see the school year ruching toward me and it will soon be back to my school job for me.
You found some really great things, love the hats and the frame! It looks like your pup missed you too:>)

Account Deleted

I love those hats! They look so fun! I bet your dog was happy to see you, what a sweetie. I have a bassett hound named Daisymae:) And yes, I agree vacations are great but its always nice to get home.

Beth Leintz

I love the look of that old diner- that's the kind of place I like to try when I'm someplace new. Looks like you scored lots of good "junk"- but your best prize is still your sweet pup- love that picture.


Thank you for the Bridge talk.. My husband was making fun of me because I have this fobia of driving over them.. I turn off the radio, if I am driving and hold the wheel as if my life depended on it and make everyone be quiet, and I have always been that way, lol.. My friends use to tease me so much.. but now at least he has learned to drive in the center lane, and I NOT point out the water or boats to me,lol.. Thank you for making me feel NOT so alone! :)

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