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July 11, 2010



you and I like the same things! It's good I don't have to share thrift stores with you ;) ;) just kidding! I'm loving all the bling, though!!
And I like what you did with the chandelier in the above post. Very creative!


It's always so much fun catching up with all your doings. You always have so many great ideas and you put use to everything you find! Igot the latest Flea Market Style magazine and thought of you each page I turned.


thanks for moving your beta. Yes, it is just a fish, and yes it was cheap, but the way most people keep them is cruel. There is even a group that is trying to stop the marketing of these fish in the way they are sold, the Be-Nice-to-Betas organization or whatever. Regardless of how small a creature's brain is, they still deserve our compassion, and should be kept in the largest and most environmentally healthy container possible, with decent food and all that. Just imagine the life of these fish, I don't think I would want to live in such a small container, nothing to do all day but swim in circles in the same stagnant water. No wonder they don't live long.

Anyway, thanks for putting yours in a place where he will at least get some sunlight.

big sis les I know what you did on your day "off".


You found some great things! You have me itching to run to the thrift store today. :)
I drool whenever I look at that mirror of yours. I keep trying to find one in a curved shape like that but no luck so far. One of these days. :)
Your home looks beautiful, great pics!


good finds Robin!
have a great week my friend! xo natalea

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