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June 14, 2010



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I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. It breaks my heart. I know how difficult it is. I think I blogged more because of my mom at her different stages. Yes, it's for you and no one else. {{hugs}}
Now that mirror! How funny to see it on pickers! I love that show!!!! xoxo

Alison Gibbs

It is tough when they don't recognise you. I think you should write whatever you want about your mother.. it helps to write what you are really feeling and thinking.


Regardless of whether your mother recognizes you, she knows you come visiting and bringing those milkshakes. She still has the pleasure of your company. Why not journal about important things, even when they aren't easy? Resonance in life and art comes from deep within us, not just from what we too often take for granted on the surface. While YOU are able to make beautiful pages, make them and capture her gentle face as well as her struggle (and yours). Hugs to you. Pam


I absolutely think you should put your feelings out there whatever they may be. After all when we write it, we accept and live it. Big hugs!


Robin, i agree with what Heather said about your journal pages...they really are beautiful...i am not good at that kind of art either...i am much too critical of myself...and i don't like my writing...if it helps you to journal about your mom and how she is now, then that is a therapeutic process and you need to do it...too funny about the mirror...i only watch pickers occasionally, so i missed that one...


I KNEW I had seen that mirror on AP somewhere before.... I just couldn't remember where. :oD Love it! Want one! And why don't M & F find stuff we (us?) girls like???? lol

Karla Nathan

I think everyone gets a better deal than those pickers, they really overpay!!!

You are right, an art journal is about your own emotions so write away.


I'm sorry that you mom doesn't recognize you. The page above made me cringe at first, I agreed with your daughter but then, hey, you know what? you are right! Your art is for you to express how you are feeling, and you have every right to be sad. I would be. I think maybe we just worry that it can be easy to stay sad and forget the good times.
Anyway, even though there may be a tiny part of her brain making her memory fuzzy, she could never forget you, you are part of her soul.
Cari b.


I agree with Heather. Writing about your mother helps you deal with it. I had to smile when I read about the milkshake. I do the same thing. I often bring my dad a hamburger and a milkshake. He also has Alzheimer's and I'm not sure if he knows me or not. So often he's kind of withdrawn and living in his own little's hard to tell. I'm just grateful that he's content.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Robin, your artwork is really really beautiful...and I have seen how much you have grown with it. I am not very good at the journaling on the page type of artwork... I admire your work so much!

I don't know if I ever told you this, but my Grandfather whom I love so dearly also has alzheimers disease. He just turned 92 this week, over the last two years he has gotten much worse and doesn't have a clue who I am when I see him. I am sure that having your Mom not recognize you is just heartbreaking sometimes... and I know I cry sometimes when I leave there so I am sure it would be even HARDER if it were my Mom. I always think it is almost like they are already dead...but yet still alive. Does that make sense?

I think your journaling is a way to get over the shock sometimes... or sometimes when I go I just keep waiting for him to recognize me but he never does. I know he REALLY does not know me because he never left me without saying I love you... but now when I say it he never says it back. :( that is how I know he truly does not know me anymore.

sorry for the essay! Just wanted to share...

xoxo Heather

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