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May 10, 2010



Your pillows are just stunning! I can't imagine how hard it must be to go through your family's things. It must have brought back many memories!


Ooooh, on my way to your Etsy! Oh my. HAVE to have some pillows for the girls' (nieces) room I'm fixin' up!!

andrea s

gorgeous pillows Robin!! Let me know if you ever make any for sale!
How wonderful that your mother gave you the gift of sewing. You are certainly putting it to good use!
xo a

Karla Nathan

Those pillows are amazing! Your mom was a good teacher. My mom tried to show me, I simple can't grasp all the measuring parts of sewing.

I can't wait to see what the hidden treasure was!


What a sweet post! And yes that is so hard to part with our childhood things. I LOVE the little spoon holder..We all learned from our moms and yard sales were a way of life back then, and thank goodness they still are today!


My mom has been in assisted living for the past three years also. My dad passed away a few years prior and her house has been sitting vacant all this time. I'm impressed you've sold your mom's house. My mother still talks about coming home to her things. I can't bring myself to move forward, so it sits. In January a pipe burst and flooded everything. "Just" the floors were ruined. My mom has so many things. I surely give you credit. I don't know how you did it, but that is the road I must take also. This post and your previous one for Mother's Day were killers, Robin!!!


Robin, did you make all of those pillows...they are stunning!!! i love all of those ruffles...yes, just gorgeous!!!


My mom passed in 1993 and I am still going through her things... After my dad had me take most of her clothes and other stuff to a charity shortly after she passed... There are still things around the house that he (and I) is just now parting with. There are things that I gave away in the beginning that I wish I had kept... But I still have my memories of her and that is what counts.

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