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May 12, 2010



I'd go with Beth's advice any day. I use that "Etsy Mini" selection and just cut and paste it into a typelist.


I'm quite behind in reading but WOW. I love your little treasure from mom's. You'll cherish them forever. Love the crock. I have one similar but it's not from family. That means so much more. And that little strainer. Awwww. Precious. Hugs my friend.

Alison Gibbs

Great to hear how well the sale went.
Love the things you got to keep to.


Great stuff!! OH! that crown crock! to die for, most certainly!
xoxo natalea


You can also go on the Everything Typepad blog and find that answer. I did it so long ago, and need to do it again....


I would have tackled that woman to keep the crock!
Love the birds.. I have some very old cardinals with real feathered wings that sit in my Cmas tree each year. My mom got them from her mom or grandma, so at least 80 years old.
And I have that exact strainer, minus some paint.

Glad you had a good sale. Wish I lived close enough to have come bought stuff too.

Beth Leintz

Glad your sale was a success- I'm sure its a weight off your mind that its over.

I don't blame you for keeping the crown crock- it's awesome.

Mary Green introduced me to the scrolling Etsy bar- check out my blog and see if that's what you want. Either way, I THINK I can email you instructions for adding a link, at least I'll try.

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