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April 04, 2010



YUM! That pizza looks so good! And that hammock, just as good! I have to admit to waking up this morning and having a cup of coffee and then went straight for the hammock where I watched the rain storm pass through! You're going to get so much enjoyment out of that purchase. Love the doggies. And I think I've spotted that yellow Easter egg a couple of times!


what a beautiful sky...i hope your son had a wonderful birthday Robin!!!


everything looks so pretty! love the "polka dotted" sky!
xo natalea

Kathleen Grace

I'm just catching up with posts and you have been one busy girl! The bird feeder looks great and immediately got my mind whirring about how I could make one too. That hammock is a wonderful find, but we'll see how long you can use it before you think up another project and get uyp, Lol. Happy Spring Robin!


That runner is just adorable!

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage

That hammock looks COMFY!!

Karla Nathan

My husband is the same way with treats for our little one. She is so tiny and would be thrilled with one piece, and he seems to think she needs handfuls!!

Your candy eggs in there "nest" are so cute. Is that coffee filters? And I need a bird bath like that!!!

Michelle@a full cottage

Happy Easter!! love the table runner and nice score on the hammock.

:) Michelle


Happy Easter to you, and Happy Birthday to your son. I love fruit pizza; that looks so good!
Love the polka dot sky too! Perfect!

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