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February 21, 2010


Kate Robertson

I am going to have to check out this magazine, it looks like fun.

I wanted to thank you for the lovely post card you sent me, sorry I am so late in responding. I had so much fun in the swap and hope you did too!


Oh, I just love that you went "shopping" in your own home!!! I do that too! Love all the gorgeous white decorations you have and those twinkle lights under your fabric/runner is just awesome! It does add such a beautiful glow that you can enjoy all year round! I have some twinkle lights that I use for decorating all year too, just make things warm and cozy! And those puppies, all I can say is you are a strong Mommy to stand your ground, haha! Goodness, I would have been a sucker for sure in that situation, haha! Your home is really pretty and you find some great treasures at the goodwill! Thanks for sharing the beauty that surrounds you!
Milli (sashagirl on flickr)


I just got my hands on a copy of this magazine, I love it.
Those puppies are so cute!


I HATE Walmart too!! They just built a super-massive one right up the street from me last year and I will not enter the doors. I rather pay 3 times as much or not buy anything. I just can't take it! Anyway, love that magazine too and the magazine rack too! have a good weekend Robin!
xo natalea


The magazine rack -- you are clearly ahead of your time! Love it!

And, I love your white much eye candy!


First thing, I don't shop at WM either. The hub has banned them. They take so much away from the local economy, so sad. But, I guess it was ok since you found that magazine! That is SO YOU! Oh my! Gonna have to look for it now.

Cindy S

Ahh, such cute puppies, it does make you wonder how healthy they would be though.
I have not found that magazine yet! I have been searching everywhere!
I adore what you have done on your sideboard. It looks fabulous!
I really like your blog, I will be back!
~cindy s~


Oh my goodness, how could anyone possibly resist a box full of puppies that cute!


Loving your dining room vignette, Robin. Even though it's all whites like the all-too-plentiful snow outside, somehow it's cozier, especially with the flowers. CanNOT wait for spring!

Leslie M.

Wow Robin! I'm loving the lights under the table cloth idea, and the puppies! Oh, it would be hard to keep walking. You did well.

Going to have to look for that magazine.


Aww those pups are so cute! I got my copy at Walmart too. I am a Target girl too, but I was looking there for some cheap white muslin and took a quick detour at the magazine stand as well. Great vignette too!

Karla Nathan

Puppies, magazines, and cool junk are all things that are hard to walk on by!

Its good to hear that the magazine is worth it. I've not got a copy yet, I'll pick one up. I'm the same way, I read way too many blogs and don't buy as many mags.

Your room looks beautiful!!!!

laurie magpie ethel

I rarely hit walmart either - but Target didn't have Flea Market magazine so in desperation I ventured into Walmart. I was thrilled that they had it (and I didn't have to pass by a box of cute puppies either!) I was pretty happy with the magazine too - so nice to see something new on the stands.

Kathleen Grace

Good thing you have some willpower! those puppys were so cute, but they don't stay little like that and they are a long time commitment. The dining room looks beautiful, romantic and I love little lights all year long.

Julie Ann

Oh my gosh- just look at those adorable puppies!!! I hope that they will all go to good homes!! You did such a beautiful job on your buffet!! And I love those little twinkling lights, too!


Robin, those puppies are so cute...i don't know how you were able to resist one...i love the idea of the magazine rack holding china, that looks so pretty...your all white vignette is gorgeous, you have the cutest flower frogs, that half moon one is so twinkle lights look so pretty, such a wonderful idea...i ise old books for elevation too, they are perfect for that purpose!!!


All that white looks sooo pretty against the blue, love it! Hope you are thawing out over there!


Oh- and I have an upcoming post on my blog about crepe paper flowers, too!
What's that they say about great minds?........


This post cracks me up. I haven't been able to find Flea Market Style yet - hmm, maybe I should go look at Walmart- cannot even remember when I last set foot in the place - seriously.
And I have right now down in my basement a similar magazine rack that I found at a thrift store - it is awaiting painting by me. And I can't decide whether to sell it at the shop or desperately try to fit it into our already completely packed home!
Oh- and I have a pair of birds like that white one, too!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

oh my gosh, those puppies!! I really would love to adopt a pit bull, there are so many of them in shelters and most are just big sweeties!

I LOVE the dining room. Those paper flowers are so pretty! lovin the green.

Can't wait to see that magazine! Glad to know it is a good one.

xoxo Heather

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