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January 09, 2010



Finding all those emphemera treassures in your own home, that is soooo cool and you're such a lucky girl! Love your journal pages and the cover below - omg, it's fab! I totally know what you mean about blank stares and not getting it from other people, it's a good thing we do it anyway and don't care that we are not undestood all the time, right? :-) Your journal rocks!


I absolutely LOVE this journal Robin!! so wonderful. xo natalea

Cristina-Sweet Pea Ink

Your journal is just lovely!!! I'm going to have to pop on over and check out this class. I live in leesburg...are you a VA gal?


Your journal is so alive with energy. Much more than anything you could buy in a store. I've started a journal in an old book but I wasn't feeling it. I much prefer the scrapbook style that you have made. So impressive.


The gifts that you made for your twin sisters are adorable. I'm sure they were thrilled to receive them. The little Valentine that your husband made is a sweet treasure and looks so cute in your wreath.

Karen - The Graphics Fairy

Hi Robin,
The pieces you made for your sisters are just darling! Gotta love those pants!
The class your taking sounds awesome! I'm taking some classes right now too, mostly in digital design. It's so fun learning new techniques isn't it?!
Thanks for the mention, I wasn't expecting that! I just popped over to say hi, I feel like I've been neglecting everyone lately, there's just not enough hours in the day!!



Robin, the boxes you made for your sisters are SO cute!!! i hope that they loved them...i think handmade gifts are the best...the ornaments are adorable too!!!


The gifts that you made for your sisters are just beautiful. And far, far better than anything that you could have purchased.

I also love your journal. Beautifully done.

Karla Nathan

Your twins are a wonderful homage to Lori! And I've never heard the term Blogaritaville, but now it is my new fave!!


Such nice and thoughtful gifts for your sisters! I really like your journal. Hope you are having a good start to the New Yr!


Always enjoy my visit with you. Everything is just precious! I love the "mod!" How 60s/70s! hahah. Gonna visit those sites, right now! Thx!

Kathleen Grace

Awww, I love the little ornaments and stand up paper dolls youmade for your sisters! Adorable! You lucky duck to have a big box of ephemera right in your basement, and full of family stuff so there is sentimental value. I love your journal, (and yes, I "get" it:>)

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