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December 14, 2009


Kayola Skinner

I love theses fat book is gorgeous!!!! I would love to be involved someday as well.............I found my way over here from Pinterest.......this is so up my alley or at least I think it is never doing one............what are your rules and maybe I could start one here with my friends...........or if you ever are in need of another friend....I would love it!!!! Your decorations are so lovely.......and snow would be awesome!!!! Living in the valley of the blazing sun....snow would be welcome {at least to me hahah} Thank you for sharing your talent!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping!

Oh how I wish I had found you sooner. This book is delightful! What a great swap idea! I wandered over here from Leslie at Junkgirl Studio.


Thanks for hosting the Fat Book Swap. I love it! I haven't finished the cover yet but I'm looking forward to it. Everyone did a great job and you really went all out!
Your house and decorations are lovely by the way!

Kathleen Grace

I love the wreath, I have some old velvety poinsettias around, hmmmm... and your fat books are. the. bomb! You do the most amazing work!

Vintage Whimsy

Your dogs are too cute!! Looks like they had a great time in the snow. Mine walked out, looked up at the sky & the snow falling in their faces & promptly ran back in the house. I guess they weren't ready for snow yet! lol

And I'm loving all of your Christmas decorations - so pretty!!

Julia "Vintage with Laces"

It made me smile seeing Heidi laying on the couch with you! What a sweet picture. I love your wreath! It looks so delicious and romantic. The fat book is just gorgeous!




Love the book. Hope to be included one day in your swaps. Have a Merry Christmas.



snuggi...LOL...that has got to be the most ridiculous thing's a robe put on backwards for pete's sake...i always crack up when the commercial comes on...i like your version MUCH better Robin...the fat book turned out SO gorgeous!!! i just love it!!!


I love our books! You did a great job, as did all the contributors!!

Nothing like a lazy Sunday. Wish I could have one of those one of these days . . .

Your wreath is beautiful! And the dogs are precious. They are such faithful friends.


Awww, the dogs look so happy in the snow! Oh!!! That wreath!!! ALL YEAR for sure! Beautiful. And the book. Lovely.


I love my book! So sorry I haven't written sooner, my mom has had the "gack" and needed alot of help... Thanks again for hosting the swap! karen.....

Elizabeth Holcombe

So very lovely!~~~XXOO, Beth


Your dogs are having soooo much fun. Oh, I wish we had snow!!! your book is gorgeous.

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