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December 19, 2009



Have a great holiday.


I'm jealous of all that snow! I live in the snow capital of the world (Buffalo) and we only have a tiny bit! We freak out when we don't have a white Christmas!Send some my way-ok? Have a Merry Christmas! xo natalea


I'm 48 and have never seen that much snow! Of course I have lived in California my whole life....hee! hee! Stay warm and cozy and I hope you have a wonderful christmas!

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You are a most fortunate and lucky person of the world whose dream is fulfilled so early.Every thing is simply covered with milky white layer all around.It is so frosting and chilled weather.


I'm here in Montclair & we estimate that we got about 20 inches. Things have been cleared out nicely though. And, it sure is pretty!

I remember the storm in the beginning of 1996 in which we got 24-30 inches...was that just in Maryland?

Karla Nathan

Don't dogs just have a blast in the snow? Mine love it too.

Julia "Vintage with Laces"

Hopefully the plows clean the streets soon. At least the dogs have a lot of fun :-)! Stay safe and Merry Christmas!


The Painted Fern guys got hit good!!!Stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Linda@Coastal Charm

The SNOW looks beautiful!!! I'm here on the coast...sunny and 60 today...don't believe I will be having a WHITE Christmas...maybe WHITE SAND:) Merry Christmas!


Two Barking Dogs

My two dogs are driving me insane. They go out in the yard, act like doggie snowplows, and then beg to come back in after 20 mins of play, get them wiped off, and then they're begging to get back out again!

Stay warm and safe!


I am in Amelia County and we are probably approaching 10-12 inches and much more in drifts. I am all tucked in and doing this and that around the house.

It's definitely a white Christmas!



How beautiful! Enjoy yourself. Have lots of cocoa and sit by the fire. Wish I were there! ):


Thank god I live in Hampton, it's raining here :->
xo, suzy

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