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November 24, 2009



I usually decorate soon after Thanksgiving. But this year Thanksgiving dinner was at my house and I decided I would start early with the decor- plus I could use all my Christmas dishes and tablecloths.
We made chocolates with Aunties and Grandma the next day, and the whole weekend seemed so festive that it seemed like we should be having Christmas, not going back to school.
I think I'll do this every year.


I feel the same as you....the earlier that I put up the decorations, the longer that I can enjoy them. But, also the same as you, when New Year's Day comes, the decorations come down too.


Happy Thanksgiving!! Love that paper too and I see why it reminds your of Pam's stuff. xoxo


beautiful papers Robin!!! i am excited to put my tree up this year too...not as excited about trying to keep Mr Madison out of it...what a pain that is...Happy Thanksgiving!!!

hey, some weird screen comes up when i leave a comment has happened the last three times...anyone else having that issue?

Julie Ann

I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving!! :)


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! My Christmas decorations will be going up on Saturday and Sunday - it's our tradition to decorate on Thanksgiving weekend. I usually take it down the day after Christmas. Hugs!

Kathleen Grace

I've never decorated this early either, but it feels great! I am the same when it comes to taking it down. New Years day is a new beginning and it's time for the old to come down! Happy Thanksgiving Robin!

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