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August 30, 2009


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The shower looks like so much fun! I LOVE the decorations, especially what you did with the plates. So creative!


Congratulations to your beautiful daughter! The party looks lovely and I LOVE the bracelets she made. Enjoy your little girls special day:>)

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

The bracelets are gorgeous with a vintage glamour look to them. Beautiful. Your daughter is even prettier. Dimples are just wonderful, aren't they? Sounds like life is busy and full for you right now, but I just had to check in with you and see what was going on with Thrifty Miss Prissy!

Jill Cooper

Your daughter is just gorgeous and what a fun party - your plate idea was great. I wish her much happiness.

Pony Girl

What a fun party! Those bracelets are really, really beautiful, she did a nice job. They'll be lovely for the wedding!


What a fun and beautiful shower! Love the bracelets, she did a wonderful job!


Congratulations! Your daughter is beautiful and I'm sure it will be such a special day.
You need to take it a little easier on yourself.
Get some rest, relax, and blog. LOL!!
Have a super week,
Cari b.


Sorry about your long days lately. HOpe that passes soon. You did a BEAUTIFUL job with all the embellishing for the shower! Love the plates, the party favors, the banner - it all looks sweet. I also enjoyed seeing your daughter's dimples. She's a cutie. And the bracelet - BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy.


your daughter is beautiful Robin...her dimples are gorgeous...what a fun shower...the bracelets you received are so pretty...i hope you don't have to do those long days much longer...that sounds like agony to me!!!

Beth Leintz

11 hour days- oh my gosh, I wouldn't be able to do anything but go to work and go straight home to bed- much less make decorations for a party. It sounds like you had a great shower- what an exciting time for you (and daughter).

Love your new blog banner!

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