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June 07, 2009


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Hi Robin,
You did an awesome job on that shelf! The blue you picked is just right, I thought for sure it was an old chippy cottage piece when I saw the first photo of it!
I really enjoyed meeting you and your friends yesterday! I hope you enjoyed your fun girls day out!!

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

You seem to have done all this really fast, or am I just such a slow poke??? I love it all. You are so fun to read and so inspiring. I hope you are always encouraged to blog and share your life. I am still moving into my little piece of heaven. I think I need to just show is...until trying to wait until everything is perfect. I don't think it will EVER be perfect. It has been so much fun. I like you re-using what you have. That's the way I like doing things too.


Robin, your new crafting/studio space looks wonderful!!! i am still working out of my kitchen or dining room...uggh...LOVE the skirt you made, it is really so cute and clever...your pillow is lovely...i can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!

Kelly Henderson

I moved out of the basement last year and upstairs to a sunny bedroom. Boy it helps the creativity!
love all your redoos and especially the aqua basket. Happy crafting!

Mechelle@ pink daisys

I just wanted to say I LOVE your blog and all the things you have on here.. I added you to my blog roll,and will be checking back.


Love your union jack cushion. Are you thinking of doing a tutorial on that? :-)

Christine Drevo

I love your new shelf space it's so pretty and you chose great colors! The skirt is beautiful I have been meaning to do that to pair of the Daughter's jeans. I may just get started on that.

Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

Jill Cooper

Love your new craft room - you have some great holders there. You've really been busy.


what great projects! they all look beautiful & I love your little craft space - so sweet!


Congratulations on moving out of the basement! I am using one of my empty nest rooms for office/creating space, it helps me not to walk past and miss my girl being in here. You will have so much fun making the space your own:>) Love the skirt and your repurposing of the bedskirt and lace, lol. So clever and pretty! The pillow is adorable too, the rosey fabrics are beautiful!


Good lord, that's material for about 10 blog posts! You have so many good ideas - I love the remade 70s table, and the utensil holder, and the note your husband sent to get you out of a bad mood (I can SO identify!)


Well daig, gf, no wonder you haven't been around! Wow. What a wonderful space!! You are just too good for words. Wish you were here so you can turn some of my junk into something new. I think once the teenager goes back to school, I'm going to turn mom's kitchen into a craft room. Maybe I'll even begin working on some stained glass projects again! Who knows. I'm normally al talk. ha. Are those old sewing table drawers? I have a few of them myself. AND i LOVE that utensil holder idea! WOWOWOWO! You are just awesome full of idears. loveya!


Wow, you have been busy. That skirt is awesome! Why is it that vintage clothing is sooo tiny? Your craft room is looking great!


How exciting to move upstairs and have a new space! I love what you've done so far - and light, light - you can't beat that! I love the collage you made and the story behind it! Plus, the skirt is adorable!
Have a great day!


You've been a busy girl, and I always love seeing the fruits of one's labor. Glad you are out of the basement and have moved up into the light of day... lol

The Blue Ridge Gal

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