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May 02, 2009



Oh my gosh - how lucky for you. Those rugs are beautiful and the ornaments are so pretty. And the price couldn't be beat.


Seriously! That is an incredible price. What a find. That is great. I dream of finding a yard sale like that.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

WOW!!!! I love those rugs. What great finds! Pretty rugs are so hard to find, don't you think?

LOVE this vegetable garden.. how cute that your hubby has it is all organized. Happy growing!

xo Heather


Michelle at From House to Home mentioned you on her blog and I'm so glad she did! Your blog is wonderful :)

Great finds! Oh and my husband would have done the same thing with the veggie garden. We wanted to start one too, but didn't get around to it this year.

Happy mother's Day!

karla nathan

I have that same oval rug, but in pink. I think the aqua is so much prettier! And so is the price you got it for!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes.


What great finds! The garden bed looks good! I'm sure you'll do fine with it. --Jackie


SO jealous!! lol, I love the vintage ornaments and would've loved to have dug through her boxes of stuff!!
What a great find! :)


OMGosh, I would have been hyperventilating getting those rugs in my car before she came to her senses and changed the price! LOL

Love the vintage ornaments, too.



Those rugs are gorgeous! You definitely scored - love the beginnings of your garden.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

Thanks for coming by my party! So nice to meet you & I see you are a great thrifter too. I love to dig through boxes. Your rugs are beautiful & I would love to have some vintage ornaments like that. You had a great day!

Pat@Back Porch Musings

Beautiful!! I would have loved to dig through those boxes!!

Diane Duda

Wow! You REALLY don't find bargains like that everyday. How lucky that you decided to head out.

Daisy Cottage

Gorgeous treasures!!!
I'm so happy they are now yours!!


Betty Jo

Wonderful finds! I adore those rugs. Carolyn and I are looking for just such a bargain on rugs to cozy up our shop. ♥


Wow you really scored!!! Way to go!

Dede Warren

Oh so envious Robin, I've been looking for rugs like this for a long time! So happy for you...

Sending lots of garden well wishes too. Happy planting, growing and enjoying...


I am officially jealous. Too bad you don't live in Ashburn. We could yardsale together. Enjoy your treasures.


I'm so jealous of those rugs, that I am drooling! I would have shoved a $5 bill in her hand, and then ran crazily to my car, as fast as I could! Congrats on your first garden! Nothing like fresh veggies!

Hilary Cooper-Kenny

I love the rugs, and the ornaments, too....they are both awesome finds.
If you have trouble with woodchucks, I have found that pouring dirty cat litter down the holes, sometimes it takes a couple of times, makes them move away......can't imagine why!!!


What a deal! It's such a high, isn't it? All of the rugs (and the ornaments, of course!) are wonderful. Good luck with the garden! The grid system is very impressive.


holy crap! I bet you were floating on cloud nine the rest of the day after that score. Gorgeous rugs and the ornaments, well, wow. xo, suzy

Alison Gibbs

Wow what a great sale that was.
Those rugs are stunning


Hedghogs the size of Pontiacs... that's sooo funny... I just posted photos of a hedgehog a few minutes ago.

Love the rugs and ornaments... what a great deal you got!!

The Blue Ridge Gal


Wow, amazing rugs, lucky girl! they will look lovely in your house!!!


OMG! Those are to die for!!! I love them rugs girl!! Your raised bed ain't too shabby either. What fun.

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