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March 01, 2009



Cute post, Robin. I love the picture of your doggy looking out the window for snow.

I was touched by your husband's grandma writing those little notes about her jewelry. I have found similar notes on many of my mom's belongings. Too cute.

Kana Conger

Hope you enjoyed your snow day! I love your Easter decorations and at such a great price. I have not had that kind of luck at Goodwill. Maybe next time.


My little dog, Spikey, is exactly the same way. He sits on lap anytime I am sitting and stands and barks at me when I'm up doing something!

karla nathan

I hear the snow is getting thick there! Hope you get your snow day.

Robin, don't be worried about stealing that garland idea. I don't think you did a purposeful rip-off and I am sure that your look was different than hers. We all see things we think are cool and modify and make them in our own ways.


I love all your decorations you put out! And I KNEW you would make those little Tennessee hearts happy! I LOVE what you did!!! Yep, I remember the snow advisories. I sure hope you got your milk and bread. OMG. All the rush to the grocery stores where mobs are waiting in line with bread and milk. tehe. Fond memories. I say stay home too. It's funny you mention your dog. My dog used to do that too, but there was a line behind her! Once, we took everyone (mom and our French exchange student) with us to the Bay up there. I SWEAR, I was like mother duck! If I turned quickly, I would run into the dog, who would run into Raphael, who would run into mom! It drove me absolutely CRAZY. But, like you, I bit my tongue. Wouldn't it be sad if I wasn't loved like that. Yes it would! Hoping you get to stay home tomorrow!!! xo

Vintage Whimsy

Your dog cracks me up! She so reminds me of one of my dogs. I swear I should've renamed him Shadow after we adopted him. Every single morning when I get my coffee and sit at my desk, Marty (my big old Briard) thinks it's "Mommy time" and has to jump up in the chair with me and sit there and look out the window! He's so funny!

We're hoping for a snow day here tomorrow too! My husband works down at Andrews and we live here in Baltimore so I can only imagine the nightmare that will be the Beltway tomorrow morning! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you guys get to stay home tomorrow too!


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