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February 01, 2009



Aghgh! Fifty...five...dollars...?!!! I'm so jealous, and impressed! :)


What a find for $55.00!! I'm so glad you went back to get it!! I hate when I don't buy something and it just keeps eating at me! Your tags are so adorable!!! Don't you love Pandora! I listen to it alot on my computer. Well I'm glad I stopped by your blog, I am coming back asap! See ya soon! Shelly

Beth Leintz

The buffet is FABULOUS- and keep those poker chips- you can sell them on ebay- maybe for half of what the buffet cost!

I can't believe you find cloches at thrift stores- you have the BEST thrift stores.

And your Iphone- oh my gosh- you are now TechGirl. After you talked on your blog about how nice it was to have a GPS for finding thrift stores, I mentioned it to my husband and I got a GPS for my birthday----maybe I should mention YOUR I-phone to him....

Joanna {sweet finds}

What a great piece of furniture! You did good. :) I'm hoping to have a good thrifting weekend myself. Wish me luck. LOL xoxo, Joanna


That is so funny how we both have these now. And both play Pandora. I'm just in heaven when I am in the car and being able to play Pandora. By biggest issue is fighting the urge to check email at traffic lights :-) A big no no in Washington State. Congrats on your phone and your buffet. It is incredible.


I am looking forward to seeing how you transform your thrift finds. The buffet looks gorgeous and what a great price.

How nice of your hubby to buy you a gift for his birthday :-) For a non-techie you seem to have figured it out pretty quickly.


So cute, I did that swap too!

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

I do believe you are an enabler. And I flat out looooove your new piece @ the beginning of the post. $55. Well done my friend. Well done. And the pup tags. Cutest. Look for a Valentine's Day gift @ this point. And be sweet. I know you will!

red tin heart

I love the great buys you got Robin! Especially the vintage Valentines..
Thanks for the comments you have left, they have meant a lot..
love nita


Of all the things I can thrift, a cloche is not one of them. (And I need one to replace the one that met with disaster.) Nice score!

Jill Cooper

That piece of furniture is FABULOUS! Lucky you! We never find things like that at our thrift stores. Be sure to post a pic after you paint it.


I saw the buffet you bought last night with hubby looking over my shoulder. "She's going to paint it", I said. He couldn't understand why anmyone would paint over "real wood". This is why some things I would love to paint won't get painted I'm afraid. I think it will look great and I can't wait to see it. I NEED one of those I-phones so I can check blogs at work! Yeah, I'm that addicted, guess I'll have to wait on one though:>) Have a great week!

Sher's Creative Expressions

Your thrifted buffet is stunning. I can't wait to see it all finished up. $55 GREAT price for such a quality piece of furniture too!




You initially turned DOWN a free iphone?!? Are you nuts? Just look at the great digital image of my shop! Tee hee! Thanks for the shoutout. I got so much done yesterday, I didn't even go in today!

And I'm insanely jealous about the buffet. Email me and tell me which store you got it at. No need to divulge to everyone! XOX


I love the new piece, it is sooo wonderful and 55$ wow what a steal. Lucky you to get an I Phone, i would love to have one:) Love all the cloches. Have a great week!

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