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February 28, 2009



I'm so glad to hear you stopped to help. That story makes me so sad for her & people like her~ we can't even begin to imagine what that world must be like.
Good for you for helping...I think more people should :)


It's definitely a different world these days. You never know if someone might harm you just for being a good Samaritan. You did the right thing by calling the police and keeping a distance. While I was reading the post I thought the girl might be autistic...they have a lot of similar characteristics as mental illness & they are really good at 'escaping' their homes & wandering off & not aware of danger, like cars.

Claudia Hill

I just read your post and wanted to say how wonderful you were to this poor, frightened woman. Thank God you went past your initial reaction and found out the truth. We do all assume, don't we? And it is not right. Your gut guided you to make the right choice.

Thanks for the reminder to 'not assume anything about anybody'.

Dede Warren

Bravo Robin, I agree with what everyone has said already. No one wants to get involved, because you never know when things can go horribly wrong and lead to danger. They don't want lawsuits, or to come the target of harm themselves. But you did the right thing, watching, and observing, and realizing something was very wrong, and calling for help. You were an angel on earth for her and her family. Bless you sweet Robin!!

Kana Conger

You were kind to help her, don't be so hard on yourself.


I had a sister with schizophrenia. As someone who worried and prayed so many times that some kind soul would help her if she needed it, all I can say is, everyone is somebodys daughter, sister, mother, child. The mentally ill are in a prison that they didn't ask for and cannot escape. You did the right thing. You did the compassionate thing. You were there for her. Thank you.


Good for you! You did an awesome thing, Robin. You need to create a collage to remember it by. My mother was a high functioning schizophrenic. She was a single mom. It was a scary childhood at times. I've often wished that more people would have come alongside us and helped us, but there is so much stigma attached to mental illness. We usually tried to keep it a secret. Brava to you, dear, for helping and sharing.

Dime Store Thrift

I am so glad you stopped. People have such fear of this, things they don't understand. God put you in the right stop to reach out. And how horrible for her Dad on the phone to not be able to get to her. Poor thing.


So scary. I took in a friend who was bipolar (I think she really was schizo). After about a month of caring for her and her not taking her meds, she turned on me and the kid with a knife. It was a horrible experience and quite an eye opener. The brain is a scary place. I have never got over the attack. But, in a way, I am glad my kids saw it first hand so maybe they can use the experience some how. Not happy about the attack, but we all learned about mental illness in that month. Scary stuff. Good for you to be the only one to help her. You never know what they may do and you could have saved her life. You're a good person. (like I didn't know that already)

Stephanie  Coop

Read the post and thought about our society and it saddens me. I don't think that poor women would have made it far from home, let's say in the 70's, her neighbors someone would have come to her aid, before she got far from home. I am trying not to judge people so fast, still being wise but,reaching out more to those around me. Even just a smile or a nod can make the difference.


Bless you for helping her! God put you in the right place at the right time, you were her angel. And it is human nature to 'assume' we know what people are going thru. Don't feel bad, you helped her, that is what counts!! Your wings are sparkeling!


Boy, don't beat yourself up for judging. You had no way of knowing what the issue was. More importantly, you didn't ignore her. Pats on the back for you, Robin!


You should feel really great that you helped her, so sad how wrapped up people are in their own lives that they don't stop to help someone clearly in distress.


People are scared to get involved because they are afraid of lawsuits. That family will never know you, but be sure they are grateful that someone stopped and got involved.
You did a good thing!!!!


I think our TV shows and constant CNN news has desensitized many people... they just don't want to get involved anymore and generally think the worst when they see someone in her condition. It's a sad sad world some days...

Thank you for trusting your true instincts, having a caring heart and helping this woman. You're a gem!

The Blue Ridge Gal

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