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July 26, 2008



Whew! I was starting to think you had a "problem" there for a minute:>) Looks like you found a treasure trove, that round, ornate frame is gorgeous!


Oh, girl, you are speaking my language here. I even know the feeling of not wanting it to end and going to the Goodwill too. Been there & done that - many times.

I like how your mirrors and frames turned out after painting them white.

I will be back to visit again.


Great finds. My daughter would kill for that dress form (in the nicest way, of course). Where is this thrift store? You always know the best places to shop.


What a halarious post! Love it! Great finds. Geesh, I'm having some serious Thrift Store withdrawl. I need to go. I have to go.


It all looks so beautiful, Robin! You really had me going on the happy hour - I was thinking, wow, I don't know anybody who goes out to a bar any more. I'm relieved!

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