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February 10, 2010


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Michelle L.

I just love this! Your hallway looks amazing, and I think it's such a fantastic way to feature stuff you love, that you don't want locked away out of sight in a drawer.


yours is a lot nicer than the pottery barn chandelier..nice work..I`m from Britsh Columbia...

Michelle@a full cottage

Hey when ever my teen daughter thinks something that I made is cute it is a winner!!! I think that yours is way better than Pottery Barn.

Karla Nathan

I like yours better than the Pottery Barn one!!


Love it, Robin! You did a great job! If you have to be snowbound, it sure is fun to come up with fantastic projects!



that is PERFECT! I am stealing this idea...eventually and will post a link to you when I finally get it done and posted!

Cindy S

That looks awesome, I love PB knock-offs!

northern cottage

oh my goodness I just love it! So glad I found your blog!

Kathleen Grace

So cute!


Im inspired!! I have a wire lamp shade sitting there that I just put a bulb in that I was going to decorate and hang. I have small clips that I bought at christmas time that wiould work great around the bottom. I just love all your thrifted and repurposed things.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Heyyyy your little lamp thingy is SO SO SO CUTE!!! eeek,,, Robin it is beautiful! So refreshing to see something new and different out and about in blogville. I love it so much and it is perfect for your room.

Hey, are you surviving that blizzard?? I have gotten NO crafting done during my snow days. SIGH. TOmorrow my Mom is going to come over to make jewelry so it will force me out of my slump. I hope you stay warm and safe!! I have thought of you often and wondered how you all are doing over there in the east. ;)

xoxo Heather


When I heard the weather report on tv, I thought of you as I was pretty sure you lived in the DC area. My goodness you are getting a deluge of snow. You sure are making good use of your time stuck indoors. What a fabulous chandelier. Love it.

Thanks so much for your recent comments. I truly appreciated hearing from you.

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage

Loving this!!!


Love it! But aren't you afraid the paper will burn??

Jessi @ Yankee Belle Home

WOW! I am super impressed. Even more impressed that you had all that stuff already on hand. :) Thanks for sharing!


That is gorgeous Robin! I love it! I have one of those wire shades (somewhere?)you have inspired me to find it and make one too!


OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!! i saw that in pottery barn too and just loved it...yours is waaaaaaay better Robin...i absolutely love it...the addition of the crystals is ooh lah lah...fantastique!!!

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